Arandur is an elven ranger who has spent the better part of his 162 years traveling the world. He has visited many cities and nations, but most of his time has been spent in the great outdoors.

He's originally from Dreqorun but doesn't feel that any one place is home to him.

In personality, he tends to be very cold and aloof. He is quite open with his close friends, but even with them he remains somewhat reserved. When in cities, he spends little time in taverns, patronizing them only to eat or find work. He uses his considerable skill and quiet professionalism to get himself work.

His animal companion is a gray hawk with blue tail feathers and wingtips named Vanya.

Arandur has trained several people how to be a ranger, including Rynn Fowler.

Note to DM: I invision this character as being a relatively high-level ranger; probably level 11 or higher. But I leave specifics up to you.