Bailey's Demon

In an area several hundred miles surrounding Bailey's Point, people and animals are killed in a vicious manner which leaves only their skeleton surrounded by flayed skin. No one knows what is responsible for the deaths, thus the mystery is attributed to "Bailey's Demon".

There is no apparent pattern to the deaths and they tend to be scattered wildly across the land. But there is always just a single death — two corpses are never found nearby. The killings seem to be more frequent with animals out away from cities or villages, but they have occurred in major cities as well. In cases where there are multiple people in the same dwelling — or even in the same bed — there have never been witnesses. This has led some to call the creature "the silent flayer".

These killings also may happen at sea because occasionally a flayed sea creature is found on the beach. In one recorded case, the corpse of a small whale was found. It is unclear whether Bailey's Demon actually goes out to sea or whether the animals were beached or in the shallows when slain.

Records of these killings go back for nearly a thousand years, leading some to believe that the last Dark Times is to blame. Thus another alias is "the monster of Arkenos." However, many scholars dismiss this theory because most of the regional records were destroyed in the war, thus the killings may have preceded the Dark Times.

Occasionally someone will claim to have seen Bailey's Demon, but no one has ever witnessed the actual kill. Other explanations typically turn out to explain what the person saw: for example, a dire beast was seen sniffing at the corpse.

Most people in Gallidus have at least heard of Bailey's Demon, and it is sometimes referred to in jest or told as a "ghost story." The likelihood of anyone being killed in this manner is very low; it is a relatively rare phenomenon. (Indeed, many more people are killed each year in drownings or falling from the steep cliffs around the shoreline of Bailey's Point.) Still, word is heard of the killings at least once every few months, causing residents and passers-through alike to shudder at the prospect.

An order of paladins and clerics once tried to locate the cause — be it creature or otherwise, but after several months they gave up the quest. The Knights of the Silver Dragons, being busy with more tangible matters, have never taken on the problem in earnest.

Craig the Slasher

In the year 52DT.624, a rash of murders took place in Bailey's Point. Initial signs pointed to Bailey's Demon, but after a few months it was discovered that the true murderer was a man named Craig Edmunsen. "Craig the Slasher" had been obsessed with the legend of Bailey's Demon, and tried to use it to cover up his tracks. Had he been more patient and less sloppy in the killings, he might have remained undetected.