Bringers Of Light

Known more informally as "whitecloaks," this order of clerics fancies themselves as the bringers of light, law, and order to the Deadlands. In truth, they are an overzealous, militant organization, prone to bluster and persecution of anybody who doesn't meet their standards of righteousness, which is everybody. Originally allied with the Knights of the Silver Dragons, when the Knights abandoned Garth Calad many allied clerics were dismayed at the vaunted Knights giving up on the death side of the moon, and formed their own organization, the Bringers of Light.

They are a hodgepodge group, zealously loyal to their Supreme Leader, currently a human cleric of Heironeous, Darrell Titanius. They are easily identified by their white cloaks, worn over their other clothing (hence their nickname). They are so hated that it would be suicide for any whitecloak to be caught alone, so they always travel in groups of at least three, but usually more. Acceptance into the order is predicated on martial prowess and righteous zeal, so any whitecloak should be considered extremely dangerous. A group of them should only be fought if no other alternative is possible. Their numbers are small enough that they cannot directly compete with many of the tribes and groups on the death side, such as the centaur tribes (now living in peace), so they pick on smaller villages or people in larger cities where there isn't law and order such to be able to reign in their persecution. Most of their number are human and dwarf, though there are a substantial number of elves, and occasionally some few of the other races. They are never found on the Living Side, operating solely on the Death Side of Jenoa.

Cedric Manson was once a member, but according to rumor was kicked out of the order for his overzealousness, even killing other Whitecloaks who didn't measure up to his standards.

Jared Evans is also a member, working as a spy for Lord Titanius in Manson's rival group.