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Switch to 5th Edition

Eryx (DM)
Last edit 2157 days ago. Huh. We've been at this for a while.

The group has voted to switch to 5th edition rules beginning in Codex VII. Here are my proposals:

1. Level. You all just begin newly minted level 10 players. All XP is reset to whatever that level is.

2. Gear. According to the DMG p. 38, Level 10 players should begin with 5,000 gp plus 1d10x250 gp. You lucky punks. I just rolled a d10 and rolled a 10. So you will all start with 7500 gp to spend. Your character has normal starting equipment for class and background, and should have two uncommon magic items. In these new rules, you cannot have more than 3 magic items. That includes weapons and armor. So you'll have to choose carefully what magic items you want to have. I think I like the idea of a homebrew rule that says you can have 4 magic items once you hit level 15 or something. We seem to have lost a lot of loot over the course of the campaign anyway (I award it, nobody claims it, and we just move on). Edit: You can have only 3 magic items that you are attuned to. So any item in the rules that says "requires attunement"? You can only have 3 of those. Any magic item that doesn't say that? You can have as many as you want. Basic magic weapons and armor do not require attunement. So a +3 sword? Anybody can have one. A +3 frostbrand sword? Can only be fully used by someone attuned to it. (If you were already attuned to 3 items and picked the sword up you could still use it as a sword, but it just wouldn't have all its magic properties available to you. But this doesn't mean the sword like jumps out of your hand or anything weird like that. For you, it's just a sword, until you attune to it.)

3. A note on the economy of 5th edition. There is no buying and selling of magic items in the official rules for 5E. It's specifically prohibited. So in some ways loot becomes easier to manage. It's not necessarily about how you can sell that +3 tower shield nobody wants, it's about whether you found an item that's an upgrade for one of you specifically. I don't like this rule switch myself, as I enjoyed the "high-magic" feel of 3.5 edition. But I don't want to mess with something so pervasive without playing the game a bit.

Of course, with all the money you get, what do you do if you can't buy new shiny magic weapons? We'll have to see what happens as we begin formal character creation. With 7,500 gold, maybe we'll discover that not being able to buy magic weapons doesn't do anything but give you all a backache from carrying it around. Several forum posts on the subject talk about how wealth in 5th edition is for role-playing purposes. Want to found an orphanage? Create a magic tower? Endow a chair at the wizard's university? Hire some mercenaries? That's fine! Buying a +2 sword? Never! I don't know if any of you are really that interested in using money for RP purposes that way. We might just say that magic items are purchaseable, but let's at least do 5E character creation before we decide to change that rule.

4. Dragons. The homebrew rules for dragons and dragon orbs in this campaign still apply.

Thoughts? (I may add to this as other difficulties in "translating" from 3.5 to 5 come up. These are the ones that came up off the top of my head.

I added a collapsible block section to the Character Creation bit, since that was an old discussion. Hopefully that helps.

I don't mind going to a system where we can't have all the magic items, but it will make it difficult to choose since Rynn wanted a magic quiver and haversack… that would only leave one spot for another magic item. Or maybe he just won't carry everything around like he used to. But worse, it sounds like it will make it a lot harder for Rynn to have his custom-created bow be made magic. Not having a magic one has started to become a limitation since it's his primary weapon.

I do like the idea of using wealth more for RP purposes though… I think that 3.5e encouraged one to hoard money so you can buy all the magic items.

Eryx (DM)
I'd be curious what RPing purposes you'd use cash for, especially for Rynn. He seems, in my read, the least likely to need money to do anything other than survive (which, being a ranger, he doesn't actually need to survive anyway!).

Yeah, I actually meant the group in general rather than Rynn. I could see Rynn letting the others take most of the money, or giving his share away to people as they travel around. In 3.5e he needed to hoard up money to eventually spend on magic items. But it sounds like in 5e there isn't so much need for that… which I actually like better. I think it fits his character better. I like the idea of a very spartan ranger who only owns a few possessions which he takes everywhere he goes.

Eryx (DM)
This is why I'm not sure I like these rules. Most of the suggested things to do with cash just really don't fit with the kind of campaign we run—highly mobile, transitory, with no real home base. I mean, I could see you all doing things like it suggests in "retirement," but you'll not be doing that for a while yet if I have anything to say about it. (Evil abounds! Bwuhahahaha!!)

I'm reconsidering. After reviewing the DMG a bit today, it has many caveats like "these are the rules, but if they don't fit your campaign, go ahead and have magic items for sale." Maybe I'll change my mind. After all, like I said, I do like a slightly higher magic item content, and the feeling of magic in the world, than it seems 5E is giving us.