The Code Of The Good Dragons

The Code of the Good Dragons is a code of honor followed by the Knights of the Silver Dragons. It has 6 virtues that each Knight is to exemplify.

  1. Courage. All of the metallic dragons perished in the most recent Dark Times, giving their lives to save the people of Jenoa. A Knight is to follow their example and be willing to die for the cause of justice and the defense of the weak.
  2. Wisdom. Bronze dragons were inquisitive beings, always seeking new knowledge. A Knight is to always been seeking for new things to learn, and most importantly the best ways to apply such knowledge.
  3. Respect. Brass dragons were talkative and engaging, always looking to engage those they interacted with. A Knight does the same, treating all as equals and worthy of their time and attention. From a ruler of a nation, to a powerful sorcerer, to a lowly beggar or an orphaned child, all are worth engaging with.
  4. Humor. Nobody likes a stuffy character, rigid and stuck in their ways. Copper Dragons enjoyed riddles and jokes, and the Knights are to remember to not take things too seriously.
  5. Honor. Gold dragons fought with honor and dignity. Even adversaries on the battlefield opponents must be treated with courtesy. An oath, once sworn, must be carried out and lying is not permitted under any circumstances. Originally the Gold dragons were enshrined in the code by the virtue of loyalty, but sometime in the mid 52DT-7th century the code was changed. In Codex III-Chapter 1 the reason for the change was revealed in Likran Treewind's Final Confession.
  6. Benevolence. Silver dragons would assist those in need, no matter what the personal cost. A Knight is to follow their example and be generous and kind to all they meet, and to treat all with justice. This virtue is the code's version of the Golden Rule.