Cult Of Skyrnyn

A Cult dedicated to the freeing of the dragons enslaved by the Knights of the Silver Dragons. It is named after Skyrnyn, who was the last free dragon according to legend. In Codex IV-Chapter 2 a halfling scholar said this about the origins of the cult:

"Skyrnyn managed to evade the Knights of the Silver Dragons for more than a century after they had finished enslaving or killing the other chromatic dragons. Used his humanoid form to hide amongst the population. Eventually gathered a group of followers to help keep him hidden, but he was eventually discovered. The battle took place on Thanor, just across the North Gallidan Sea, at the edge of lake Bilous. Several dragon riders converged on him and killed him, scattering his followers. As I understand it, they worshipped Skyrnyn, and used this symbol as a mark of their brotherhood.”

In Codex VII-Chapter 4 the party discovered that the cult operates a massive presence in the Zyrbryxion Marshes, and are worshippers of Tiamat, constructing a massive set of buildings in her honor.

Known members of the cult:
Amara Palladia (former PC). She joined them in Codex IV.
Gulnith-appears to be a high-ranking official of the cult. Travels on the Adder Invictus sky and sea ship. Killed in Codex VI-Chapter 10.
Rickas Yrthraz-known as the "Supreme Wyrmhead," the leader of the cult. Killed in Codex VI-Chapter 9.
Hierophant Narvoth-a high ranking member of the cult, who at least fancied himself next in line to become Supreme Wyrmhead after Rickas Yrthraz died. His "reign" lasted less than an hour, and he was killed in Codex VI-Chapter 9.

Belim Sandgrin-former leader of the Cult in Laishtek. Deceased, apparently killed by his superiors (Gulnith?) in Codex IV-Chapter 5
Irina Heppler-low-level member of the Cult in Laishtek.
Hedaya-a low-level member of the Cult in Laishtek.
The entire seaside town of Uptide are members of the cult.

Grilrut. A black dragon.
Smithsrana. Mentioned by Grilrut.