Dakk Earthshaper

The dwarf Dakk Earthshaper is the current Grand Master of the Knights of the Silver Dragons, who he has been associated with nearly his entire life. A noble, charismatic figure, it is mostly assumed that he will hold his current title until after the next cycle of the Dark Times. He was born in 52DT.887, so is over 100 years old. He's been a member of the Knights since he joined as an acolyte at the age of 30, and is one of the youngest to ever obtain the rank of dragon rider, having now held the rank since 52DT.910.

Well aware that the Dark Times are upon us again, Dakk is doing his best to militarize the planet to resist the inevitable invasion and prepare for the upheavals that will come ecologically by storing grains, crop seed, and potable water in areas around the world.