Dark Times

The Dark Times comes every thousand years as the moons Arkenos and Jenoa move close enough in their orbits that their atmospheres mingle. This generally lasts for about a year, and causes huge storms, earthquakes, and other natural disasters, not to mention the wars that rage between the inhabitants of the two moons. After the two moons separate, it still takes some time for the atmosphere and the moons to settle down geologically and ecologically, a period of a number of years marked by extreme weather, famine, pestilence, and plague.

The term "Dark Times" may refer to all of the above periods of time.

Jenoa is tidally locked to Pressen, but Arkenos is not. The "air corridor" between the two worlds intersects on the living side of Jenoa, towards the north pole, but it is nearly meaningless to speak of where the corridor intersects with Arkenos-it would be a large chunk of that world as it rotates.