Darkcrest is one of the few major cities found on the Death Side of Jenoa. It is ruled by a cabal of humans whose family lines go back centuries. The rulers are very secretive, but they are implicitly trusted by their subjects. Ritual life in the city revolves around this cabal, sometimes to the exclusion of normal religious worship. Even so, the cabal do not claim any kind of divine right or such warrant for devotion from their subjects. Rather, their dedication to protecting their city has earned them respect from their subjects.

Through their adventures, the party learns that the major houses of Darkcrest are, in fact, vampire covens. The dearth of direct sunlight on the Death Side makes it more ideal for vampires. Most of the city's populace are vampire worshippers. Major Houses include the House of Maramos and the House of Lancel, though there are many other houses/covens of varying strength.