Drikdare is a centaur of the southern plains on the Death Side. He is the next in line to be the chieftain of his tribe, which, like all centaurs, exists under the leadership of the Tribe of Enadul and its leader, Vel'ki. He and his family, wife Eloranos, son Eapas, and daughter Gwnyll, were captured by Cedric Manson. This forced Drikdare to join forces with the exiled whitecloak under duress.

He is a druid of considerable strength and skill, clearly a being used to being in the wilds of the Deadlands. (Metagaming, he is a level 10 druid.)

The party encountered him Codex VI-Chapter 4 and successfully freed him and his family in Codex VI-Chapter 5, and returned him to his tribe in Codex VI-Chapter 6.