Due south of The Fortress of Vigilance, Eskele was built shortly after the last Dark Times. The nearest port to the Fortress, Eskele was founded by senior military leaders to serve as both a source of resources and a connection to the nations of Gallidus. In keeping with this intention, the city was built with nine circular levels, or Citadels, centered around occupation and class: the slaves and hired laborers brought to Sudloc to construct the city and work for the Fortress were housed in the lowest three levels; artisans, merchants, and the like occupy the middle of the city; and the ruling aristocracy, built initially of administrators, military officials, and their families, reside in the upper three tiers. Although a few wizards pursue their studies in the Fourth Citadel, most residents of Eskele are suspicious at best of arcane magic, particularly sorcery. Although most of the ties between Eskele and the Fortress have since withered, military service is still considered the most honorable profession in Eskele, and families with children skilled enough to serve among the elite of the Fortress often find themselves raised to a higher Citadel.