Farah is a Maha'i woman born into slavery in Darkcrest. Her mother, Labiba, had been captured and brought to the Death Side, but knew the culture and stories of the Maha'i people. Her father was Spikes, a Maha'i born into slavery who was a gladiator.

She knew Aestus Fellblade growing up, as he was being trained as a gladiator by Spikes. She knows him as Hajir al-Shams and he considers her to be his sister.

When Spikes was killed in the arena, Labiba fell into grief and died. Farah was sold off and eventually sent to the mines in the Abghat peaks, where her name was bastardized to "Feral." When Khaska arrived in Darkcrest accompanying Lady Maramos, Farah was found and brought to the House of Maramos for Khaska's benefit. He secured her freedom and taught her more of the Maha'i people and their language, things she had long forgotten since her parents' passing.

Sometime during this time, she was contacted by Alarya, who offered her arcane power as a warlock. Farah accepted, and Alarya now acts as her warlock patron.

As of Codex VI-Chapter 10 she is a Level 3 Celestial Pact of the Chain warlock.