Fort Windhaven

A dwarven fort carved into the very side of the Dragonsbane Cliffs, it represents one of the major locales connecting the living and the death side of Jenoa, right on "the edge," as it is called. Perched at the top of the Steelhammer Lifts it represents perhaps the easiest way to get to most of the Western Deadlands. A two day hike down a very steep, quite narrow road brings one to the head of the Thifrin River, where boats can dock.

The fort itself is a marvel of dwarven engineering, providing shelter from the winds that howl around the Dragonsbane Cliffs. However, the winds are so fierce that their sound is a constant presence, even within the bowels of the fort itself.

Given that it is one of the last points of "civilization" before entering the Deadlands, all items purchased here are marked up to 150% of their market value in the DMG and PHB.