Located in the Northern Gallidan Desert, Gemsharia is the nation founded by the descendants of Maha'i who had been enslaved by the various human civilizations of Gallidus in past centuries. Upon granting them their freedom, a treaty was made that allowed them to possess the Desert in return for policing it and maintaining trade routes to Tir'Kon open and unimpeded. Though it covers a large area, it is not a particularly powerful nation and its population is relatively sparse, settled in various oasis towns. Often regarded as a backwater place, friendliness to all surrounding nations gives it a good reputation. Its capital, barely large enough to be of particular note, is a port city named Laishtek, where the national government, which is based on Hammerdine's model, meets. In fact, Gemsharia is in effect a vassal state of Hammerdine, beholden to most of its decrees with sovereignty over matters of its interior affairs alone.

The Freed Maha'i, or Gemsharesques, share very little with their southern brethren. The have adapted the religions and cultures of their past human masters as their own, and even speak a creolized form of Common amongst themselves. This disloyalty to tradition causes latent antagonism from the Order of Faris Attineen, who, though working to free further Maha'i from slavery on Thanor, do not approve of the loose Gemsharesque morals and even less of their cooperation with and tacit support of the Knights of the Silver Dragons.