Gnolls of Jenoa

The Death Side gets its name for a reason: its environment is somewhat inhospitable to life. Life, however, that subsists on the inevitability of others’ deaths can manage to eke out a living. Scavengers by ancestry and by heritage, Jenoa’s gnolls have done just that.

As far as the scant records of the Death Side wildernesses reveal, gnoll tribes originated in the dry steppes of Thanor’s north, where they preyed on beasts slain by thirst in on the edges of the desert. From there, they have spread southward along Thanor’s west coast.

As resourceful if savage scavengers, the majority of the gnolls have gravitated to the greatest sources of carrion in the hemisphere: cities. There, they have adapted to the patterns and habits of urban life, hiring themselves out as bodyguards to wary caravans and mercenaries to warlords who see the shadows of the poorly-governed cities as a cloak for their carving up the Death Side for their own gain. The gnolls, in general, do not care for whom they work, and for a high enough price are willing to be bought out against a previous employer.

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