Grimjaw's Axe

Among the orcish clans that roam the dead lands there is told a legend of Grimjaw, an ancient gray-skined orc warlord so named because his four lower fangs jutted up through the skin below his lower lip. It is said that he was the fiercest and most bloodthirsty chieftain of his time. For many years he led his clan in wars against the other clans. But victory held no joy for him; Grimjaw lived only for battle.

In his old age, Grimjaw was finally slain when a powerful Archon rent his torso, severing his legs. But the orc was unwilling to accept defeat; his bloodlust sustained him long enough for him to hurl his mighty axe. The weapon decapitated the Archon, and Grimjaw dragged himself atop his foe where he died laughing.

Orcish tradition holds that Grimjaw's Axe was wielded by the strongest of the clan leaders for centuries until it was lost during a Dark Times event. Young males dream of recovering the weapon and using it to rally the clans and become a new warlord.