Gtarrei is the second-largest city of the Maha'i race behind Jevereshk, but much more well known. It is administered primarily by adherents to the Farisiyeen sect of the Maha'i religion, who, while seldom travelling outside Maha'i territory on Gallidus, are much less secretive. Part of this is due to the fact that in order to accomplish their mission of freeing the Maha'i slaves on Thanor, and lacking the requisite shipbuilding and nautical expertise, they commissioned several groups of Halflings and Gnomes to construct and operate a small fleet with which to patrol the coast and cross the ocean to Thanor. This opened the door to other races and, while the Maha'i are still the overwhelming majority of Gtarrei's population, it is certainly not uncommon to see members of other races walking about in its packed-earth or stone streets. This is especially true since Gtarrei has become a relatively thriving center of trade seaport, with trade from and to the eastern coast of Gallidus passing through the docks of its seaport city, Kvahhek.