Haalak is the leader of the Kletheira Merchant House, headquartered in Hammerdine. He is an elf that dresses in only the finest of clothing. His office in the Merchant House headquarters is finely decorated with art, tapestries, and other expensive, yet tasteful decorations. The party met him in Codex III-Chapter 1. Because of their aid to the Kletheira Merchant outpost in Codex I-Chapters 1 and 2, he was very accommodating to them.

He has since hired the party to help spring a trap against the Sendylus Guild, which they did in Codex III-Chapter 5. The party's actions in Codex III has led to a massive increase in the clientele of his merchant house. He was very happy with the party because of this, but kept exactly to his deal of scrying for Zeke in exchange for the party's escorting a caravan to Laishtek.