A known harbor for pirates and thieves, the Free City of Hretzifer is not smiled upon by most reputable folk of Jenoa. Ruled by the elected Thane of the Freemen, Nield, Hretzifer is located along Thanor's eastern coast. Very little is known about most of its denizens, other than Thane Nield, but rumor has insisted for decades that Pjehr the Fell Corsair runs most of his operations out of the shady city. Despite its disrepute, it is an essential center of the transoceanic trade between Gallidus and Thanor; the piracy for which it is best known represents merely a small fraction of the overall commerce that passes over its quays, no more than in other coastal cities the world over. However, it is the city's political independence that makes it a pariah amongst city-states, and foreign disapproval is more due to its intransigent character since divorcing itself from Hammerdine's control two centuries ago, and wariness at its motives and unpredictability, than anything else. Those who have visited will readily report that it is mostly like a thoroughly average city, its population industrious and inventive and its customs peculiar but welcoming, its government equitable (some would say too much so).

I have a couple of questions about this city, mostly because I want to know if I should update my backstory for Rynn: either to avoid the city or to mention its shadiness.

When you say that it is "avoided by most reputable folk", does that mean that this is a smallish city/town? Or is it a large city full of misanthropes? Would merchants or caravans avoid it? Or would they perhaps seek it out in order to do some 'not entirely legal' business?

On the map there is a major road that connects Hretzifer with city #18. Does that road still see a lot of use with trading? Or has it fallen into disrepair; perhaps it was built in friendlier times? There are probably many smaller villages/towns along the road between the two cities, so maybe it still sees some use.

Anyway, I just wanted to check and see what Sayya thought since she created this town. I'm just curious; not trying to harsh on your world building. :)


I hope that clarifies things a bit. Last night Sayya and I were talking about ideas for cities and came up with this; however, your questions are valid, and I hope the article makes more sense now, and I think it would be a place that your character would find invigorating. :)

Awesome. I feel like I have a much better understanding of it now. Thanks!

Feel free to erase these comments now so they don't clutter up the page. I would have done so myself, but I wanted to let you know that I saw your changes.

With regard to its nature, I had imagined the leaders of Hretzifer as being fairly similar (in terms of general semi-tolerance towards lawlessness that doesn't directly affect them) as those of Luskan, if you're familiar with that. Sort of an, "Eh, sure it's bad, and if it starts actually causing issues in our city we'll step on it, but until then why bother?"
Plenty of room for honest merchants and common people, but there's always a kind of suspicious air from others since common criminals are more tolerated. ("Oh, someone from Hretzifer is staying in the inn tonight? Make sure everything is locked up, what kind of respect for personal property do they have?" type of thing)