Jenoa is the world the campaign takes place on. It's actually a moon orbiting a gas giant planet, Pressen. Jenoa orbits every 24 hours and is tidally locked. Half of the moon has a normal day/night cycle. The inhabitants of Jenoa refer to this half as the "living" side. The other half (roughly) sees the sun for a few hours each day, but Pressen itself fills the sky, giving off enough light that there is little day/night cycle. Only when the sun goes behind the planet (for roughly four hours) is there true darkness on this "death side" of the moon. Due to the lack of direct sunlight, there is less plant life on the death side. Since Pressen has an elliptical orbit, Jenoa does have seasons that roughly correspond to the seasons on earth. There are 365 days in a year, and we will be using the names of the months here on earth just to avoid confusion. Winter is centered around December, like in the northern hemisphere of earth.

The tides on Jenoa are fickle and not very rhythmic, based on the gravitational pulls of other moons that come close enough to change the oceans. Airships also sail from continent to continent. Airships function like normal water ships as far as propulsion by the winds and steering via rudder and sail orientation. However, the mechanism that creates lift is a series of crystals put at strategic points via the airship. When oriented a certain way, the crystals drift upward. If they are oriented the opposite way, they act like normal rocks, and the ship will plummet to the ground. The mechanism by which the crystals do this is unknown. The technology to create the crystals having been lost, the Gnomes consider it a racial task to attempt to recreate the technology that buoys them up. The learned magic users of Jenoa consider that task a lost cause, as the crystals that allow the airships to float are clearly magical in origin. For purposes of the campaign, airships will be treated like ships on the water. Similar kinds exist to the ships outlined on p. 119 of the 5th edition Dungeon Master's Guide, though substantially fewer in number than the traditional water vessels.

Every thousand years one of the other moons, Arkenos draws close enough for their atmospheres to mix. Aside from the storms and the earthquakes that the close proximity creates, the races from Arkenos invade. Using dragons and airships, they attack, destroy, and plunder the cities, as well as take prisoners from all the races for slavery and servitude. The Dark Times last for around a year. As the campaign begins, Arkenos is looming in the sky on the living side. It's anybody's guess as to when the atmospheres will begin to mingle and the Arkenosian forces will attack, but general consensus among the learned astronomers is that the event will begin sometime in the next five years!

Years on Jenoa are marked from the last Dark Times, and the overall cycle since the beginning of recorded history. The year is currently 52DT.995 (the nine hundred and ninety-fifth year since the fifty second Dark Times). Records before the year 50DT.10 are incredibly sketchy, more myth than history.

The main continents are Gallidus and Slyn on the living side, Thanor on the death side, and Sudloc around the moon's north pole.