Jevereshk, seen from near the banks of the River Maakhin

Build on a desert promontory, Jevereshk is the primary city of the Maha'i civilization in the Niktean Wastes and the de facto capital of the Marqosian branch of the traditional Maha'i religion, hosting a large university and several seminaries. According to the very small number of outsiders who have been allowed to enter it is breathtakingly beautifully decorated, with most buildings an immaculate white that glints in the desert sun. The two tallest towers, built on the highest part of the promontory, constitute both part of the Temple of Teresh and an observatory where Maha'i astrologers and wisemen studying the diverse and complicated motions of celestial bodies. On the equinox, when the sun rises due east, light both streams straight through the main gate of the city and between the so-called Twin Towers of Teresh, accompanying elaborate rituals. Windows on the towers are designed to provide observation points of significant phenomena, from standstills to solstices. Other significant buildings include the palace where the Royal Clans live - all their females, and their highest-ranking male consorts - and the arena where the Dance is held every equinox.

Even though it is located relatively near the major overland road between Hammerdine and Tidewater City and the majority of Jevereshk's riches derive from that trade, the Marqosian Maha'i are very private about their society. Trade is performed outside the city walls in several sprawling bazaars, and by special request from the Maha'i the road was build to circumnavigate the city at a comfortable distance of several miles so that foreigners would not merely stop by.

However, one of the sights that foreigners can see is the spectacular bridge over the River Maakhin. Its wide paving of dark stone has withstood centuries of wear, and along a large portion of its length traders from around the world set up their colorful wares daily. The Maha'i agreed to build it at the previous location of a ford when they requested the road be shifted.