Knights Of The Silver Dragons

The Knights of the Silver Dragons are an order of Paladins founded approximately a thousand years ago by Markus the Noble. They task themselves with general upholding of good principles and civilization across Jenoa.

Their name is one of honor and remembrance, for all of the metallic dragons of Jenoa were destroyed in the last Dark Times. Markus himself had ridden into battle atop a silver dragon. While there are dragons still on Jenoa, they are all Chromatic dragons.

Honor is everything to a Knight of the Silver Dragons. Holding themselves to a strict code of honor and conduct even above that of most Paladins, they are absolutely rigid in maintaining discipline. The Code of the Good Dragons is a requirement for being a member. Once fully inducted, the title "sir" is given to each of the Knights.

52DT.430, Melchor Rivengol, an elf wizard ally of the Knights, and former personal friend of Markus, learned the magic spells necessary to create Orbs of Dragonkind (DMG, p. 281). He was able to create a set of them at great personal cost to his power and sanity before he died. These orbs were used by the Knights to enslave enough of the Chromatic dragons that they were able to wage war and exterminate the others. Now they keep a select few Chromatic dragons alive, but dominated. There are only 54 dragon orbs. To be a Dragonrider is the highest honor among the Knights, proof that your dedication to their ideals and code is beyond reproach, and that your prowess in battle is without peer. The Dragonriders receive the honorific "dragon rider" as a title, but more frequently that is shortened to just "rider." [Actually, I (Eyrx) am open to suggestions on this. I did want to change "sir" to include more than just the 54 dragon riders, but am not sure what title the dragon riders themselves should go by. Thoughts? Dragon Master? Master? (Juxtaposed with Grand Master, the leader of the Knights.) Others?]

Currently, the Grand Master of the Knights is Dakk Earthshaper, a Dwarf. Well aware that the Dark Times are upon us again, Dakk is doing his best to militarize the planet to resist the inevitable invasion and prepare for the upheavals that will come ecologically by storing grains, crop seed, and potable water in areas around the world.