Labiba Najjar Mkentek

Labiba Najjar Mkentek was a Maha'i slave belonging to the House of Araric in Darkcrest. She was captured, brought to the Death Side, and sold into slavery, but brought with her the culture and stories of the Maha'i people.

She was wife to Spikes and the two had a daughter, Farah.

By order of the arena manager, Birkiss Pebbletoe, Spikes brought Hajir al-Shams into her home in order to restore the child to health before he would be trained in the arena. She cared for Hajir, nourished him to good health, and taught him of the Maha'i, including their language and stories. She even gave him his name. Hajir considers her as a mother.

When Spikes was killed during a match in the arena, she fell to grief and died.