Lady Drakh

Lady Drakh is a vampire, the head of the House of Lancel. Originally a paladin, Vitoria Moretti, a member of the Knights of the Silver Dragons she was corrupted and turned into a vampire. Making a pact with demons to regain magical abilities (her paladin abilities having vanished with her vampire siring) somehow caused her bond with her sire to be ineffective. With her blackguard abilities, she slaughtered him and many members of the House Lancel, a bloody coup. She has ruled the house since then.

Lady Maramos finds her distasteful, and rues her lack of control and unpredictability, even if it is sometimes valuable to have such attributes in an ally.

In Codex VI-Chapter 9 the party consecrated her resting place, assuring that she would die. Not one to go quietly into the night, Lady Drakh began attacking everybody and everything in Darkcrest. With the help of some militia and vampires from lesser houses, Khaska and Rynn where able to kill her. With no place to rest, her mist form dissipated and she died.