Loremaster Onasus

Few people in the world know as much about history, arcana, the planes, and other such subjects as the loremaster Davron Onasus. A perpetual wanderer, he visits cities great and small, staying only as long as there are interesting things to learn — typically only a few weeks or months. He spends most of his time in libraries or talking with nobles and elders.

The birthplace of Loremaster Onasus is both unknown and the subject of much debate. When asked about it, Davron avoids the question. Many in Hammerdine believe he is from their great city, and cite his frequent visits and long durations (once over a year) as proof.

There is much less debate over his race. Although some believe him to be human or half-elf, most agree he must be an aasimar. He is quite tall with golden hair and green eyes which seem to glow slightly. There are records in some major cities indicating that the Loremaster visited them as much as 400 years ago.

Onasus is quite personable and eager to share knowledge as much as learn it.