Markus the Noble

Markus the Noble is a hero of legend. Stories of his daring heroics and defense of the moon Jenoa during the last Dark Times are sung around campfires, in taverns, and around the beds of children the world over.

It is said that in the last cycle of the Dark Times, Markus and his allies were instrumental in repulsing the attacks from Arkenos. A paladin himself, Markus flew into battle atop one of the few remaining silver dragons from Jenoa and single-handedly slew the evil general of the Arkenosian armies atop his black dragon, driving the dark forces into disarray and helping win the day in a decisive battle from which the invaders never recovered. After the moons separated, Markus and his knights helped rally the beleaguered races and save many many lives in the harsh storm, drought, and plagued-filled years that followed. Whether or not these stories are entirely true is a matter of debate among historians.

His legacy lives on in the Knights of the Silver Dragons, a world-wide organization of good-aligned Paladins that have tasked themselves with maintaining order and civilization through all the lands of Jenoa. Markus was their founder and first Grand Master. His name is so well known that it has even become part of the language. Oaths may be sworn "in the name of Markus," for instance, or used as a blessing, "Markus be with you." "May you never meet Markus!" is the worst insult one can give among the civilized races, insinuating that one will never meet the legendary hero in the afterlife.