Multiclassing Rules

This page describes some campaign-specific multiclassing rules. In general, follow the standard multiclass characters rules. Below are some specific exceptions approved by the DM.

Ranger + Urban Ranger

  • Due to Urban Ranger, the character can never have an Animal Companion with size bigger than Medium. The character's "effective druid level" equals be (ranger levels / 2) + (urban levels / 2).
  • For Wild Empathy checks, roll 1d20 + ranger level + 1/2 urban ranger level + CHA modifier.
  • Selecting an organization as a favored enemy can only be done when taking a level in Urban Ranger that grants a favored enemy. (Subject to DM approval.)
  • When obtaining a class feature or bonus feat a second time:
    • Combat Style - the character must choose the option which wasn't picked before (archery vs. two-weapon combat).
    • Improved Combat Style or Combat Style Mastery - the character must take the same option as was selected previously for that specific class (Ranger vs. Urban Ranger).
    • Endurance - gain the Diehard feat instead.
    • Evasion - gain Improved Evasion (as the rogue ability) instead.