Orensland Among Silderman's Shadowdancers

Initially the shadow dancing troupe traveled to the west following the events in Codex III, towards Bailey’s Point. During their travels, the troupe taught Orensland how to use his roguery skills to perform. Having been influenced by Orensland’s performance in rescuing him, Zeke requested that Orensland teach him the skills of a rogue. Combined with the skills he picked up among the troupe, Zeke improved quickly enough to catch the eye of Kalana Silderman, who decided that he could remain with the shadow dancing troupe without the insistence of Orensland. Amy, not wanting to be a burden or third wheel in this exchange, developed her basic homemaking skills in order to be of service. She now performs a number of tasks around the camp, including creating costumes and cooking. She too is developing her performing abilities, but it was clear from the start that she did not excel as quickly as Zeke. However, given her aid and it was generally agreed that she and Jennifer could remain as well.

As Orensland learned to perform with roguery, his ease with stealth in the shadows marked him as a natural shadow dancer. From the start of his journey with the troupe, he had determined that he would be prepared to face his father at their next confrontation. As he learned this new art and developed his roguery skills, he spent much of his money, enhancing his abilities through magical items.

While the troupe consists of individuals from all locations, a significant portion of them are from the Dark Side. While frequently traveling to the Light Side, the art of shadow dancing is superstitiously looked down upon in such communities, and they generally have greater success on the Death Side. Because travel between continents is frequent, the troupe actually owns an airship, purchased and passed down over decades of performances.

Soon after joining the troupe, it became clear to Orensland that Silderman’s Shadowdancers focused on more than just performing. Basic fighting was known by all members of the troupe, as there were several seasoned fighters that provided instruction to all. As a result, Silderman’s Shadowdancers had an exceptionally well-guarded and carefully protected environment. While roguery itself was never an encouraged practice in the close-knit atmosphere of the troupe, the frequent training Orensland gave to Zeke and the consequent results lead several others to inquire if they could also receive instruction. While Zeke remained his star pupil, others also became familiar with the ways of the rogue.

After several performances over three months, word came to the troupe of danger near the Death Side of Jenoa. Several members of the troupe come from communities surrounding Twilight, and the news of frequent goblin raids was alarming to most of them. While living a nomadic life, attachments to such places remained. As a troupe, it was decided that those who wanted to could travel to Twilight to provide aid against the attacks. Orensland jumped at the chance to further travel, and to be so close to the Death Side of the moon.

The members of the troupe were attacked by goblins on the way in, but were able to escape easy enough using their skills. They received a warm welcome in Twilight. While in the city, Orensland heard of three individuals who had passed through just a day earlier. Recognizing the descriptions of his old friends and feeling confident that his father had not tracked either party, Orensland set out to find them. While his departure from the troupe would be sorrowful, he feels he has accomplished his duty in providing a life for Amy and Zeke and the future success of Silderman's Shadowdancers, and feels he could help prepare for the Dark Times better with his old friends.