Amara Palladia

Name: Amara Palladia (Inactive, Currently an NPC)
Race/Gender: Female human
Class/Levels: Sorcerer 1
Alignment: True Neutral

Game Statistics

Bio / Backstory


Amara Palladia was born in the tiered city of Eskele, on the northern continent of Sudloc. Originally created after the last Dark Times as a logistical bridge between the Fortress of Vigilance and the societies of Gallidus, facilitating the development and transfer of resources needed to support the military complex, Eskele never quite attained the importance its founders envisioned. In the centuries following its founding, however, the initial divisions between inhabitants of the Nine Citadels evolved from a matter of efficient organization to a central societal focus. Born into a Third Citadel family, Amara's childhood was much like that of any other minor noble. Respect for the First and Second Citadels was drilled into her at an early age, as was her family's continual hungering to ascend to a higher citadel.

Well-educated in propriety, languages, and the loyalty owed to the military protectors of Jenoa, Amara seemed to her family to be a promising child despite her unusual appearance—or, perhaps, because of it. Her bright blue eyes were striking, but nothing completely out of the ordinary in Eskele; her hair, however, was another matter entirely. It was a common joke among inhabitants of the Third Citadel that the Palladia girl should be kept indoors in winter lest her parents lose her in the piles of snow. When she was a baby, her parents worried that her white hair and general pallor were symptoms of more serious problems; however, as she grew older, her distinctive appearance and tall elegance drew the attention of many a young man of the Second and even the First Citadels.


Nearly two decades passed before the Palladia family became aware of Amara's power. After the formal ceremony held to celebrate her passage into adulthood, many offers of betrothal came to Lord Saresh Palladia; after a few months of consideration, he favored the proposal of an influential widower from the First Citadel. On the morning before Lord Saresh intended to accept on his daughter's behalf, he called her into his study to inform her of his decision. Although Amara was aware of the deliberations, she was unable to contain her surprise and frustration at her father's choice; when her father stated his decision, a tapestry hanging in the room burst into flame, alarming both of them. The serving woman present fled the room in terror and began spreading outlandish rumors; Lord Saresh passed it off as the exaggerations of an excitable girl at a toppled candlestick. The suitor in question, however, was unwilling to risk marrying (or being said to marry) a 'witch,' and Lord Saresh began negotiations once more.

At first, the Palladia family thought that the matter would blow over in time - and the matter of the tapestry did. But Amara was intrigued by the phenomenon and wanted to explore her powers more. For some time, she was able to do so discreetly; however, as she experimented further, the evidence from those times when she lost control of a spell became too great to easily conceal. Her family tried reasoning with her, threatening her, even begging her to abandon the magic and prepare to fulfill her role in raising the family's status. A period of relative calm lasted for a few months, as she turned to other pursuits her family offered - education in scientific matters, a study of politics and government, even basic training with a staff and crossbow - in order to coax Amara away from magic. Before long, though, servants reported to Lord Saresh and his wife that the girl was spending long periods of time speaking an unintelligible tongue to a peculiar white raven, and that was the final straw. Unwilling to harbor a witch in his household, Lord Saresh forbid Amara from remaining in the Palladia dwelling; of course, no other family of the first three Citadels would shelter her even had her pride permitted her to ask. For a time, she dwelt with one of the two wizards present in the city - however, they had little to teach her, and Amara quickly tired of their company.


After a few weeks of planning and discreet preparation, Amara determined to seek a mentor in Hammerdine.

To do: Expand

DM Note: Sometime early in Codex IV the player for Amara decided that she could not longer continue in the campaign. As of Codex IV-Chapter 3, Amara is an NPC.

Mannerisms / Attitudes

In most situations, Amara tends to be polite but aloof. When she finds it worth her while, she can be downright charming, but also doesn't see the point in wasting time, energy, or politeness on people unrelated to herself or her own pursuits. Proud and somewhat vain, Amara takes great care with her appearance, even in the dusty clime of the Wastes. Accustomed to being both smarter and more well-educated than those around her, Amara is quick to offer cynical or mocking retorts when challenged or insulted.

Although fond of her sorcerous abilities, and devoted to improving them as best she can, Amara is none too open about her magic, perhaps in part because of the general distrust of arcana found in Eskele. When asked by the ship's captain how she expected to defend herself in crossing the wastes, Amara merely shrugged and gestured to her staff and large crossbow. She does not go out of her way to conceal her power, but - along with most other personal issues - sees no reason to discuss it with strangers.

While certainly not actively rebellious in any way, Amara has little respect for other peoples' or nations' laws. While she acknowledges the importance of defending Jenoa from the regular incursions of Arkenos, she is very skeptical of the awe and importance so near-universally accorded to the Knights of the Silver Dragons. On the other hand, though, she is unwilling to dismiss them out of hand without a better understanding of their actual power.


For the moment, Amara's primary goal is to gain a better understanding of her power and develop it further. In addition to this, she's quite curious, and will pursue any avenue that appears to be interesting in the course of her travel as long as it offers the likelihood of expanding her knowledge or providing an opportunity to exercise her power. She is fascinated by dragons and draconic history, particularly the rumors about sorcerous powers stemming from draconic heritage, and will actively (though usually comparatively discreetly) seek after information about them. Amara doesn't have any particularly specific long-term goals at the moment, although that will probably change as she gains in power and comes to better understand the world outside Eskele.