Farafanellya Ravenstone

Name: Farafanellya Ravenstone
Race/Gender: Female Human
Class/Levels: Bard 5
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Game Statistics

Bio / Backstory

Fan's full name is Farafanellya Ravenstone. She is the eldest child of Theodard and Leandra Ravenstone, two very famous human bards known throughout Gallidus, including the Maha'i nation around Jevereshk, where they spent several years while Fan was a child. Theodard and Leandra's love story is one for the ages - the Bards will sing of it for all eternity (doubly so, since they themselves are training up the next generation of bards). The family wandered for quite a few years during Fan's childhood, until Leandra's difficult fifth pregnancy. Faced with medical harships, Fan's parents decided to break with Bardic tradition and (gasp!) settle down. They bought a nice farm on the last outskirts of Pemmadhaghra and had seven children (Fan, Orthan, Enlilianna, Pemmar, Hirulan, Rheah, and Yehoshua). Fan had a very happy upbringing is a fairly well-adjusted adult. Fan is named after her great-great grandmother on her father's side, who was also a bard. Fan loathes her name because it sounds a lot like "paraphernalia."

Nearly everyone in Fan's family have been bards for several generations, except for an uncle on her mother's side, but no one ever talks about him. Her parents trained Fan in the ways of the Bard since before she could utter complete sentences. She has a natural ability for this kind of thing and is accomplished in the lost art of the Nyckelharpa (example here). She can recall the lyrics and tunes of several thousand songs, and she knows several epic poems by heart. The problem is, she really doesn't like people, and Barding is by nature a social occupation.

Several months previous to meeting up with the party, her mother kicked Fan out of the house because, at age 18 1/2, it was high time to get on with life and get some real barding experience in the real world. This hurt fan deeply, as she is very attached to her family. She misses her father, with whom she enjoyed a deep and rewarding relationship, as well as her four brothers and two sisters. Especially baby Yehoshua, age 2 1/2. She still harbors ill feelings towards her mother, and doesn't like to talk about her. Actually, she doesn't like to talk about either of her parents and has taken it upon herself to go by a false last name (Bob), lest she open herself to inquiries after, "The Theodard and Leandra Ravenstone?!"

it took her a few months to travel from Pemmadhaghra to Laishtek because she worked extra hard to avoid people, and she kept backtracking because she got distracted and thought of returning home several times whether her mother let her or not. About three weeks after she left home, she received word from her brother Orthan that baby Yehoshua had fallen ill, but that she was still not permitted to return home to tend to him. In the months since, she hasn't heard any news of Yehoshua's health. She doesn't know whether Yehoshua is alive or dead, and assumes her mother absolutely forbade Orthan to contact her again. After a considerable amount of soul-searching, she determines that the only way she'll be able to get back home and obtain her desires of a) the shop and b) being with her family again is to throw herself into something that has a good chance of getting either a) money and or b) renown.

When she makes it to Laishek, the first thing she wants to do is insinuate herself into a group of travelers that look likely to obtain money and renown. Unfortunately, the first group she ran into had less-than-gentlemanly intentions toward Fan, and she was forced to enchant the lot of them and escape, though not before one of them gave her a pretty good black eye and a small cut across her cheek.

DM Note: This group was Teadric Ashworthy and his crew. Jenika and Rynn met them briefly in Codex IV-Chapter 2, and Jenika had an almost identical experience with them like Fan's. In Codex IV-Chapter 3 several members of the crew, upon seeing Jenika, wanted a little payback. Using her bardic magic, Fan was able to diffused the situation, and was thus introduced to the party.

Mannerisms / Attitudes

Fan was hoping to set up her own magic shop, so being forced into an occupation that she didn't enjoy has made her even more upset with her mother. Fan is so exceedingly in love with the idea of owning a dusty little shop full of desiccated animal parts and dried herbs, she will not listen to reason-like the little fact that magic shops are run by wizards or sorcerers, and she is neither. She carries around a little notebook where she scribbles down all the stuff she has learned so far about magic items, herbs, things like that. She tries to make poultices for her comrades but these are usually hit-or-miss in terms of their effectiveness. At home, one occasion, instead of taking her wounded younger brother (Pemmar) to a cleric like a sensible person, a poultice she made caused him to break out into hideous green boils and speak in rhyming iambic hexameter for a week and a half. Her mother grounded her for an equal amount of time.

Fan is pleasant to look at but not extraordinarily beautiful. She has stick-straight red hair, freckles, and brown eyes. Fan hasn't been traveling long, but she's managed to take care of herself so far, and she's decent in a fight. She doesn't care much for The Establishment, and thinks it's perfectly ok to cheat on her taxes, although she has a weakness for lost puppies and kittens. She is not particularly religious apart from that.


Her current goal is to find a way to earn enough money through her skills as a bard to pay for the initial investment to own a magic shop, including hiring a few wizards or sorcerers, you know, people actually able to use arcane magic to the necessary extent. An acceptable alternative is to do something else so spectacular and amazing that her mother will consider Fan's days of Barding at an end and let her come home.