Jenika of Shinadoh

Name: Jenika of Shinadoh
Race/Gender: Female Human
Class/Levels: Monk 1
Alignment: Lawful Good

Game Statistics

Bio / Backstory


Location: In the [14] [15] [16] Triangle, near river in forest.

Even from my earliest memories, my home has been the small monastery, Shinadoh. The monks there taught me in their ways, and I found great peace, despite never knowing who my parents were. But, I was able to create my own family among the others, especially among my "sister" Kaylee. The monks often would tell us that we would live to see The Dark Times, and it was our obligation to use our skills to help defend Jenoa. My life was simple then, but I longed to see the world so when I reached the age of a woman I, with Kaylee, left Shinadoh to see the world.

Out in the World

Location: From Shinadoh to [11] and back to around [13]

I was surprised to find most people outside of the monastery were so undisciplined. We didn't know where we wanted to go, so we just started walking. That become the way it was for us, going from place to place without thought where we would be in a week.
While a lot of it kind of blended together, I will never forget the first town we came to. It was a small town, of no real consequence, just a place where simple people lived out their simple lives. We walked into a tavern, happy to be able to eat something other then rations. Sitting on a chair at the front was a woman singing, though she a had a fair voice what drew my attention was her appearance. Others would probably say she was ordinary or even plain, but I grew up on a monastery and so I thought she was beautiful. I had always kept my hair short, it was just easier that way, but at that moment I wanted to be like her, so I resolved to grow my hair out. It is probably vain but I always am flattered by peoples complements on my looks.
I grew up with Kaylee, but until we left the monastery our characters was never put to the test. In one tavern we had walked in some man who was a little drunk pinched Kaylee's posterior, without a moment of hesitation she smacked him, sending blood streaming through the air as he was knocked into the table behind him. While no one there would argue he needed a swift slap, they were less then pleased that she maimed him (acutely I was pleased that his injuries were not worse). Things quickly escalated to a fight, and though the two of us could have handled ourselves, I suggested that we leave, thankfully Kaylee consented. I have no sense of diplomacy, but Kaylee has all the charisma of a cranky bugbear. But as the days went by Kaylee become more aggressive. Looking back I should have seen what she was becoming, or what I was becoming for that matter. As time went by I found us engaging in more and more fights. I had become more willing to use violence in situations where I should have just walked away. At the same time Kaylee became less willing to help those in need, stating that there was no law making us help, but I felt it was our duty to offer our aid to those in need. I am sorry to say that I too suggested we help less and less. In since years I've learned that I can not help everyone, but I am determined to help those who are in my power to help.

A Fight and Bitter Enemies

Location: Around [13]

When Kaylee and I left Shinadoh we were the sisters, but as we faced the stress of finding means of food and other needs, we often would fight. I say it was the stress but honestly we were becoming less like peaceful monks and more like thugs. First it was just disagreements and shouting, later we would come to blows, never anything lethal. Then one day, almost two years since we left Shinadoh, we found ourselves near where we began our journey. We were in a town that we had been in before. The town was the same but we were very much different, we had fist entered that town as young optimistic girls, best friends. But now we were hard, quick tempered and violent, we didn't even like each other anymore. I don't remember what happened exactly, but I found myself in another fight with Kaylee, one that threatened to kill! I was quicker but she always had a stronger punch. I was able to get a few good hits, but my heart just wasn't in it and her blows were too much for me. In the end Kaylee walked away leaving me bleeding in the street. I knew then, I can't say how, but I knew that we would be enemies from then on, and that neither of us would ever truly be at peace until one of us was dead.

Return to Shinadoh

Location:From [13] to Shidadoh. From Shinadoh to [18]

I was found by a local woman, who was kind enough to take me in to her home and nurse me back to health. She never asked how I came to be wounded in the street, and I never volunteered the explanation, for the pain of the fight was still fresh in my heart. When I was well enough to travel I decided to make my way back to Shinadoh (which was where we were headed) I had been gone what seemed like a long time, and with the grief I felt from loosing my best friend, I longed for my home.
When I arrived at Shinadoh I remarked how it seemed the same as when I left, like walking into my past. But the monk at the gate I did not recognize, however he recognized me. He greeted me, "So, little Jenika returns from her adventure! But where is your sister young one?". From such a greeting I knew who stood before me, Rai'zen. Rai'zen was a monk boy a few years my senior, when I left he was a boy, now he stood before me a man. I must confess I had somewhat of a crush on him as children. He seemed so strong and wise. I have often wondered what would have become of him and me. But it is useless to think upon such things. I explained to him the fight between me and Kaylee. He listened to my whole story without saying a single word, but I could see a deep sadness in him (he had been fond of Kaylee). Perhaps he fancied her, I do not know. We sat there a while not saying a word, then finally Rai'zen stood, and we walked into the old monastery. The buildings were the same, the monks were the same, though older, everything just as I would have expected. Yet something was different, I was different. Perhaps I should have stayed there, a part of me wished that we had never left.

The Devilish Rough

Location: [18]. From [18] to Around [20] to [21]

I didn't stay very long in Shinadoh. My heart was in a state of unrest. So I left again, this time on my own. I didn't much care to where I was going. I just wanted to be away; away from my memories of Kaylee, away from relationship not meant to be, away from from my feelings. I wondered in such a state when I came in a small city. It was in that small city I met Oldin Syrod. When I got into town I had little money, fortuitously I was able to use my tumbling skills to earn enough to get by. Oldin was in one of the crowds that had gathered to watch me. After my "show" Oldin offered to buy me a drink, I accepted. He spoke sweet words to me and filled my head full with adventure. He told me he thought I was beautiful and he would kiss me on the cheek. I wasn't in love with him, I knew that even then. But I liked the attention and it was one of the few times in my life I felt like a feminine. I stayed there in the little city with him, I worked and he would flatter me with his words. Those days were like a dream. But it soon became a nightmare. Unknown to me this Oldin Syrod wasn't just a common thief like other rouges, he was involved in organized crime. He tried to persuade me to help with his illegal activities, but I still had a strong sense of justice and so I refused. I guess he must of realized that I was more likely to turn him in to the local authorities then help him. One day I awoke to find that he had stolen all my money and supplies. I was devastated, he had played me from the moment I walked into town. For a brief time I thought about messing him up, but it would have brought more trouble then it was worth, and I longed to be away from that place. So I left town and I made my way west towards Camden.

My Hero

Location:Around [20] to [21]

As I traveled I became quite lost, and probably would have died (ok, maybe not), but to my delight I met Raelin the ranger. Raelin was very kind and very wise, he led me to civilization. We would end up spending the next few years together as friends and travel companions. I am impressed that he always was a gentlemen to me, unlike Oldin the ogre.Raelin was who I needed at that time. Before I met him I had begun to think that everyone was cruel and heart. And so where he lead, there I followed. He was not the type of man to settle down and neither was I. I told him of Kaylee, of my time in the monetary and of Oldin. He told me of days living away from civilization. I think he was happy to have my company, no one can life alone forever, at least without going insane. I was happy to be with him too. Today I think of him fondly as I remember the time we spent together.

Journey to the East

Location: From around [21] to cost of [23]. Sail to [36 Tidewater City]+++ Tidewater City
Location:[36 Tidewater City]
Event Location: Mountain-Forest east of [36 Tidewater City]

We stayed in Tidewater City a few days and then was getting ready to leave and head towards Hammerdine. I was on the street with my stuff waiting for Raelin when I caught sight of her. At first I wasn't sure it was her, she was wearing such nice clothing, but it was her all right…Kaylee! Blood rushed to my head as the realization set in. I quickly ran after her, but in the crowed of people I lost her. Raelin found me and told him that I saw her. He offered to hunt down information about her, and where she might be heading to. I thought about it over, on the one hand I wanted to forget all about her, but on the other I also wanted to put our past to rest. In the end I asked him to find what he could. He didn't disappoint, he found someone who had overheard her talking to some shady fellows about meeting up with someone at the mountain near the city. So we made our way to where we thought she meant. Thanks to Raelin's tracking skills we found her. She was with two men, both dressed very fine like her. One of the men had a sword at his belt, he grabbed the handle when he saw us. Kaylee singled him to put it away and he did. The other man seemed startled and upset to see us, I do not think he was a fighter. Kaylee addressed me in a mock tone of pleasure. She told me I was fortunate because she was willing to include me in her plans. What those plans where I never found out. I had no interest in joining her in anything, much less the shady business she no doubt was in. We talked briefly but we both knew that it would result in violence. Raelin shot his bow at her, but she deflected the arrow. We ran at each other. Before we were close in skill, but now she was far stronger then me. She easily avoided my attacks. When she hit me it was like I was being stabbed with a blade, she made short work of me. I fell to the ground and Kaylee turned on Raelin. He must of guessed that she would deflect another arrow, so he pulled out his short sword. Kaylee came upon him, he swung and missed, she unleashed a flurry of blows upon his body. He cried out, as did I. He fell to the ground and become completely still. I looked at the two men, still sanding in the same place. The non-fighter looked uncomfortable, and the one with the sword stood there, relaxed with his arms folded. I must confessed that I wept with frustration, Kaylee alone was more then Raelin and I could handle. I knew it, Kaylee, knew it, and so did this man. The non-fighter suggested that I be finished off, but Kaylee said that she wanted me to live. She bent down next to me and told me to think about the offer to join her. I cursed and swore that I would kill her, she only laughed. She whispered in my ear, "the next time we meet you will join me. Or you will die!". She stood up and I was forced to watch her (and the two men) walk away. As soon as I was able to I arose and checked on Raelin, though I knew the moment I saw him fall that he was dead. My tears of frustration became a river of sorrow. I had cared for the man and he was cruelly taken from me.

Location: From Mountain-Forest east of [36 Tidewater City] to Niktean Wastes

Realin and I were heading to Hammerdine. So I felt compelled to continue north. The only thing that keeps me from moving now is the knowledge that one day Kaylee and I will meet, and when we do I will avenge Realin. Then maybe I can return to Shinadoh and find the peace that has alluded me.

The Day of Destiny

If all goes according to plan we will meet up with Kaylee in the next few days and I felt the need to add what may become my final record. A lot of thoughts and feelings swirl within me -but I take peace in knowing that soon I will be over, one way or the other. I managed to make friends and I'm grateful for their companionship and help. Thank you.

- Jenika of the Shinadoh Monastery

Mannerisms / Attitudes

Jenika is generally peace-loving and good natured, she feels the need to help others. However due to her lack of diplomacy skills, she often falls back on what she is good at: beating the stuffing out of people! While she has skill in Sense Motive she is easily flattered by compliments on her looks.