Name: Orensland
Race/Gender: Male Elf
Class/Levels: Rogue 7/Shadowdancer 1
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Game Statistics

Bio / Backstory


Orensland was born in Dreqorun. His mother worked as a waitress at a local bar and his father was a skilled thief that often used Orensland in his schemes. He was primarily raised by his father, who was abusive. As a thief, Orensland’s father was very apathetic when it came to who should be stolen from. Everybody was a target, including the poor and lesser beings of society. Orensland often disagreed stealing from people in a lesser condition than himself, although his father’s knife would often persuade him otherwise. He has several scars around his body from times where the knife was used abusively. Far into his career, he convinced his father to steal from a noble’s house. In doing so, Orensland had two intentions. First, the noble had flogged him for stealing a copper from his person. Retribution was one goal. Another, however, was to kill a second bird with the same stone, namely to put his own father behind bars while getting away with the money. The plan was overall successful. He used his father as bait to lure the guards away, stole a pretty penny from the noble and vacated the city. In the process, he stole his father’s knife, which he still keeps to remember who his enemies really are. It’s of sentimental value.


Orensland remained on the continent Slyn, although he travelled the length and width of the entire continent in his travels. He used the money stolen from the noble to buy useful supplies, such as a grappling hook and his weapons. He would also use the money to take proper training in his weapons, aware that the Dark Times were coming and simple theft would be useless should he live to see them. Even then, however, he would not remain in a city for longer than 6 months at a time. After he felt he learned enough and the money ran out, he survived using his rogue skills obtained in his childhood, honing them. He remains rather young by elvish standards, although he doesn't know his precise age. He never really cared.


While his time with his father had been terrible in general, his thievery had been a kind of sanctuary from the abuse. He had a natural talent and passion for roguery. He is a compulsive in his theft and will take from those who are well enough off. However, his general hatred to his father provides a direction, a target for his theft. He strikes at anybody who uses their own experience, position or wealth to belittle or harm others. His determination breeds patience for such people, sometimes planning weeks to infiltrate that tall mansion on the hill. Generally, he seeks corrupt individuals to steal from, although he will defer to others should the need or particularly strong desire arise.


Unfortunately, one of his plans had not ended well. He was caught and imprisoned in Dreqorun, his hometown. He could not stand the prison because, firstly, he has enjoyed his freedom immensely, and secondly, he was too close to the pain of his childhood. He decided that he could never travel on the continent without coming close to Dreqorun, and decided to leave the continent entirely. He escaped and decided to make his way to Hammerdine, and probably beyond. The world, aside from Slyn, is his oyster now.

Adventures in the Campaign

Orensland joined the campaign at the beginning, but was written out during Codex III-Chapter 4. He returned in Codex V-Chapter 5, after adventuring with Silderman's Shadowdancers for a while.

Mannerisms / Attitudes

He lives by his own standards, but not wanting to be like his father he is of a good alignment, albeit chaotically. In his travels, he learned to blend into a crowd and politely get by anybody, including his targets. While excellent at deceiving people, he finds it difficult to make any kind of actual attachments. He strongly dislikes those of an arrogant disposition, and those who are should watch their purse. Such a dislike can easily be extended to those who ridicule him or show public disdain for him.