Name: Sanjin
Race/Gender: Male Elf
Class/Levels: Wizard 7
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Game Statistics

Bio / Backstory

Official backstory still being edited together.

Short version: Has a twin, Vasher. More academic wizard-type. They have a good relationship, but their differing approaches to magic have made them drift apart a bit. Right now their relationship is more of a "call on Christmas and Birthdays" kind of relationship, to use the modern parlance.

After studying at the university, decided to wander the Death Side, looking to prove himself in magic combat, and to study ancient ruins and civilizations he found hints of in old manuscripts.

It is said that there are spells to found in the Deadlands which are not savory enough to be shared in the civilized areas of the moon. It was for this purpose that Sanjin traveled to the tomb of the necromancer Kilgera.

Sanjin spent a few weeks gathering and researching information on the necromancer and the possible locations of his tomb. Then weeks of following up on the various leads. It was a test in patience -but at last he found his goal.

There were, of course, signs warning against looters and the like -but Sanjin was confident (or arrogant) in his abilities. So he journeyed into the crypt with nary a worry. The tomb carried in it skeleton guards which were quickly dispatched by Sanjin. And feeling over confident he made his way into the inner chamber. There he found a scroll containing the spell Cause Fear. Sanjin excitedly began copying it into his spell book. Upon completing that task he searched for more treasures -and was rewarded by finding Kilgera’s own spell book. “What a great find!” Sanjin thought to himself as he picked up the book.

Just then he heard a blood chilling sound. Sanjin turned to see a skeletal figure with leathery flesh hanging from its decrepit bones. Sanjin had heard of Crypt Things and therefore knew he was no match for it. Though he would never admit it, he panicked a little. The Crypt Thing slowly walked toward him reaching out with it’s bony claw. Sanjin mind raced. Looking around the room for some form of escape he spotted Kilgera’s spell book, “There may be a spell in that with may safe me!” he cried out and reached for the closed book. The Crypt Thing sensing the item it was created to be in danger of Sanjin’s thievery - the Thing teleported Sanjin away from the object of his intent.

To Sanjin’s immediate surprise he suddenly found himself in a new location. However due to intent or sheer dumb luck Sanjin was now had an open path to the exit of the tomb. Sanjin only momentarily considered going back for the book before he decided better of it and left while he could.

Mannerisms / Attitudes

Sanjin is quite intelligent, and he knows this. He is willing to let others speak their mind, but if he thinks they are wrong, he will simply ignore their opinions. His particular emphasis in magic is magical combat-he wants to know that he is a better wizard that those he comes across.

In his searching on the Death Side of Jenoa for ancient magics and artifacts, and in his studies at the wizards university, he's never really learned social skills. He's a bit awkward, speaking his mind perhaps a bit too brusquely when discretion would be the better part of valor.

He has a very dark sense of humor. His time wandering the Death Side with Arkenos hanging over the sky has also given him a somewhat fatalistic attitude about the impending Dark Times. "World's coming to an end. Might as well have some fun about it!"