Peaceful Children

A powerful cleric from the death side of Jenoa has begun calling people to him, saying that the Gods themselves weary of the eternal war between Jenoa and Arkenos. Pilgrimages are taken from various cities, and the pilgrims are unarmed. They gather somewhere on the Death Side of the moon where it is said the Gods themselves will defend them during the upcoming Dark Times.

Therylassa at the Shrine of Piety is their most ardent supporter in Hammerdine.

In Codex III-Chapter 8, it was revealed that the Shrine of Piety was actually a secret shrine to Nerull, and the Peaceful Children (at least in Hammerdine) were being used as a front for a cult of Nerull, led by Therylassa. It is as yet unclear if the entire organization is nefarious, or if Therylassa hijacked it for her own ends in just Hammerdine.

In Codex VI-Chapter 7 Lord and Lady Maramos revealed that the Children were a front for the Cult of Skyrnyn, likely to enslave people to work on the cult's Citadel in the Zyrbryxion Marshes. Having betrayed the cult, they were massacred—likely at a site the party discovered in Codex VI-Chapter 1.