This is a general page for ideas you would like your characters to do in the future. I'll also leave a few things here as a DM I hope you remember, as time passes very slowly in an online campaign, and something that happened in Chapter 1 might be forgotten by the time it becomes relevant again.

The ranger has only one quest now: find and liberate his wife and child.

Other quests he has more or less completed:

  1. Help Jenika track down Kaylee.
  2. Assist Khaska in his quests re: Tawru, particularly if this means going to Thanor.
  3. Learn about the Cult of Skyrnyn; deal with Amara and Gulnith.
  4. Along with the group quest to investigate the Peaceful Children, Rynn is specifically interested in following/tracking the pilgrimages.

See also: Rynn's Goals


  1. Figure out meaning of the visions he had back in the desert and at the trading outpost.
    1. Figure out what to do with Bahamut.
  2. Find the horn and scimitar of Tawru.
  3. Find Urziana (or Baltham) and heal Kvanir.
  4. Explore voidgate network, potentially Hallow the two platforms.
  5. Learn about the Cult of Skyrnyn and deal with Amara and Gulnith (like Rynn, lol!)
  6. Notify Fan's family of the death of Gulnith.
  7. Make enough of a name for himself that he can be adopted into a clan by one of the matriarchs. (This one is fading in his mind now.)
  8. When capable of doing so, return to Rhun to cast Resurrection on Harrison.

General Issues that Khaska, as a Maha'i, would like to see happen:

  1. Prevent Maha'i from being sold as slaves as much as possible (more of a long-term project than a specific goal).
  2. Reunite the nations of the Maha'i under one leadership and one religion (Jevereshk, Gtarrei, and Gemsharia/Laishtek).
    1. Assist in the establishment of an organization to man and guard the voidgate network (Nkadu!).

No direct objective in life.

1. Study and explore the Void gate system.
1a. Study at a magical university library to determine what would happen should a voidgate be moved from its original location.
2. Seek out magic (particularly lost or forgoten magic) that will help prepare him and others for The Dark Times

1. Locate and join Tawru One-Horn.
2. Find out more about what Alarya meant when she said that my sister had already been touched by the coming darkness.
3. Conquer evil, destroy slavers, and free slaves while in the company of Tawru and his allies, including my previous masters, the Fell Clan and the Ararics (should they still be thriving after the fall of Darkcrest).

Group Quests

  1. Ask a metallic dragon for possible ways to reverse the dragonborn process for Rynn and Julet's child. They may have an inkling how that magic was brought about. They may have some ideas on the death curse, too. He'd make sure Rynn was aware we would pursue those avenues.
  2. Investigate the Ruins of Trik'Brin. Discover the reason behind the disparity between Thakillestra the Gold's memory and written history.
  3. Determine what is happening in the lands formerly ruled by Lord Hayward Yellman.
  4. Figure out if we can stop Arkenos's descent into the Nine Hells (and what caused it - perhaps whatever did the Pressen Empire in and started the Dark Times).
  5. Evacuate Spherius.
  6. Figure out what to do with dragonborn and tiefling refugees.
  7. Investigate/clear the megadungeon; figure out whether it has anything to do with the towers in Spherius and the Fortress of Eternal Vigilance.

Fulfilled Group Quests
1. Tell the Kleithera Merchant House that Jonathan of the Wastes has been killed.
2. Visit Laalaresh at the Kleithera Merchant House (I just realized that this was in a gray box in Chapter 2, but to be clear he did explicitly tell you to look him up when you get in town).
3. Report back to Lord Yellman about the gnomes and their doings.
4. Hunt and slay the ettin in Newkeep.
5. Visit Sir Reitman and the Hammerdine chapter of the Knights of the Good dragons.
6. Rescue Zeke and deal with his captors.
7. Escort a caravan for Haalak, as promised.
8. Investigate the Peaceful Children. (The Hammerdine chapter of the Peaceful Children proved to be a front for a cult of Nerull. It is unknown if that is true of the organization as a whole.)
9. Uncover the conspiracies of the Peaceful Children
10. Journey to the Dragon's Graveyard to see if the ghost of Hyrmaphridion can speak about the missing wife of the Storm Giant Quintessent the party met in Codex VII-Chapter 1.
11. Return the armor of Knight Vitoria Moretti of the Order of the Silver Dragons, Baronessa of Cyriest to Cyriest.