This is a general page for ideas you would like your characters to do in the future. I'll also leave a few things here as a DM I hope you remember, as time passes very slowly in an online campaign, and something that happened in Chapter 1 might be forgotten by the time it becomes relevant again.


  1. Find his wife, if she is still alive. (Note that this is currently a passive goal, pending a lead.)
  2. Help Jenika track down Kaylee.
  3. Assist Khaska in his quests re: Tawru, particularly if this means going to Thanor.
  4. Learn about the Cult of Skyrnyn; deal with Amara and Gulnith.
  5. Along with the group quest to investigate the Peaceful Children, Rynn is specifically interested in following/tracking the pilgrimages.

See also: Rynn's Goals


  1. Make enough of a name for himself that he can be adopted into a clan by one of the matriarchs.
  2. Figure out meaning of the visions he had back in the desert and at the trading outpost.
  3. Find the horn and scimitar of Tawru.
  4. Uncover the conspiracies of the Peaceful Children.
  5. Learn about the Cult of Skyrnyn and deal with Amara and Gulnith (like Rynn, lol!)
  6. Find Fan's family and inform them of her passing.

General Issues that Khaska, as a Maha'i, would like to see happen:
1. Prevent Maha'i from being sold as slaves as much as possible (more of a long-term project than a specific goal).
2. Reunite the nations of the Maha'i under one leadership and one religion (Jevereshk, Gtarrei, and Gemsharia/Laishtek).

1. Find her "sister" Kaylee.

1. Find out more about the rumored link between sorcerors and dragons, discreetly.
2. Gain as much knowledge and familiarity with the remaining dragons as possible.
3. Learn more about the Knights of the Silver Dragons.
4. Learn more about her arcane abilities and increase in power (more of a long-term thing but probably the most important to her; most of the above stem from this, I think)

No direct objective in life.

Group Quests
1. Tell the Kleithera Merchant House that Jonathan of the Wastes has been killed.
2. Visit Laalaresh at the Kleithera Merchant House (I just realized that this was in a gray box in Chapter 2, but to be clear he did explicitly tell you to look him up when you get in town).
3. Report back to Lord Yellman about the gnomes and their doings.
4. Hunt and slay the ettin in Newkeep.
5. Visit Sir Reitman and the Hammerdine chapter of the Knights of the Good dragons.
6. Rescue Zeke and deal with his captors.
7. Escort a caravan for Haalak, as promised.

8. Investigate the Peaceful Children. (The Hammerdine chapter of the Peaceful Children proved to be a front for a cult of Nerull. It is unknown if that is true of the organization as a whole.)