Playable Races Of Jenoa

This campaign will use the standard races and their stereotypes and rules, with the following exceptions. All of the player races mingle freely. There is a strong sense of Jenosian pride. "We're all in this together," predominates interspecies interactions among the "civilized" player races.

Dwarves do not live underground. Due to the massive tidal shifting that takes place even within the moon itself, there are no cave systems capable of harboring a civilization. Dwarves live high in the mountains created by the shifting tectonic plates on Jenoa, and are still masters of stonework. Their kingdom is on the east part of Gallidus, headquartered in Tir'kon. However, Dwarves can be found most anywhere on the planet, plying their skill as stonemasons and crafters.

The major elven kingdom is on the living side, just south of the equator. A proud race, the elves see themselves as protectors of all the others, the shining beacon of civilization that stands stalwart through all the Dark Times. Their capitol city, Dreqorun, has stood for several thousand years, though the ancient buildings bears the marks of the attacks on it.

Gnomes are inventors and are intermingled with the other races. Always inquisitive, they are still technologically inclined. They wish they could unlock the secrets of the crystals that make airships buoyant. Gnome wizards consider this their ultimate goal. Their nomadic ways mean that, in general, they are in charge of airships, the skills of sailing the sky passed down from parent to child.

Most halfling communities are found on the edge, the border between the living and the death sides, pushed there by prejudice and misunderstanding, but unwilling to set up permanent residence in the deadlands. Many sail the skies with their gnomish cousins as well.

No real change.

Half-Orcs are very rare in this world.

No real change.
The humans of Hammerdine use traditional English names.
The humans of the Tlerian empire use Italian or renaissance names.
The Dergon use Welch names.

See article.

Orcs (Not playable.)
The orc clans, in general, live on the death side of the moon. They migrated there to the land where nobody else really wanted to settle, and they have now established a decently large population.

Drow (Playable by DMs permission only.)
Drow are mostly found in and around the Chasm of Endless Night, though can be found throughout the world, mostly in zones that don't get much direct sunlight. Because their portions of the moon get so little light they still have Darkvision. They are insular and still evil.

Dragonborn have recently been discovered to exist, but they only do so under the auspices of the Cult of Skyrnyn in the Zyrbryxion Marshes. There are only dragonborn of chromatic ancestry. They are not a playable race. Draconic is Latin in this setting.

While there are Tieflings on Jenoa, their numbers are very few.