Shrine Of Piety

Dedicated to the worship of all of the major gods, the shrine is a remodeled former art gallery in Hammerdine. Therylassa is the cleric in charge. The main worship area contains altars to Boccob, Correlon Larethian (at least, a large rug with his symbol on the floor near the five altars), Fharlanghn, Garl Glittergold, Heironeous, Kord, Moradin, Oldimmara, Pelor, St. Cuthbert and Yondalla.

However, in Codex III-Chapter 7, Khaska noticed that the altars are arranged to make the symbol of Nerull.

In Codex III-Chapter 8 the party further investigated and discovered an underground shrine to Nerull. Therylassa attacked them, revealing herself to be a cleric of Nerull, and was killed. Shortly after the Shrine was shut down by the Hammerdine government.