Steelhammer Lifts

The Steelhammer Lifts were constructed by the dwarf Taldan Steelhammer decades ago. It represents perhaps the easiest way to get to the Thifrin River and Clearwater Lake allowing boat access to a good portion of the Western Deadlands. Using skyship crystals, large metal boxes rise up and down a nearly vertical cliff, part of the Dragonsbane Ridges, tied only by the lengths of chain connecting them to Fort Windhaven at the top of the ascent. (A very steep climb down from the Fort brings one to the head of the Thifrin River.) The trip up the cliffs takes about 12 hours, a hair-raising experience as the lifts bang against the cliff sides, buffeted by the winds. Everything inside the lifts must be tied down before the ascent or the descent begins, or else it will likely fly everywhere. The price for using the lifts is quite exorbitant, but few do not pay it, the alternative modes of traveling into the Deadlands taking substantially longer without access to the Thifrin River. Steelhammer's descendents long ago divested themselves of ownership to other dwarves.