Tebbins Ferrick

Renowned Halfling scholar and world traveller, born in Hretzifer in DT52.774 and reported missing en route to Darkcrest from City #44 in DT52.889. His first voyage came when he was very young, for his family fled their ancestral hometown of Hretzifer in DT52.781 in the midst of the turmoil provoked by that city’s declaration of independence from Hammerdine. Possessing relatively significant resources due to his father’s ownership of a trading company, they were able to book a skyship to Hammerdine; however, having left most of their property behind, they sought out to find a new niche for themselves, and after a few years living in Hammerdine they transferred to Laishtek and were able to quickly establish themselves as the heads of a successful merchant company, regulating legal trade from Thanor, Tir’Kon, and Gtarrei inland and vice versa.

Tebbins began his voyages while an apprentice to the sailors who worked for his father’s company. Through his travels, he discovered that while he could adeptly sail the skies and had the meticulous bookkeeping skills of a merchant, his true passion did not lie in goods or knotwork, but instead in seeing and experiencing the places he visited. Thus, in DT52.795, and in spite of his father’s protests, he set out to see the world as a transient adventurer, recording his observations and impressions in the exquisite detail that was his wont. His first journey brought him to the southern continent of Slyn, and upon his return he published his journals. Needless to say, they became quite popular amidst the elite classes of Gallidus, and his father’s concerns for his seemingly reckless life decisions were assuaged. Eventually acquiring the patronage of various governments, including Hammerdine and at one point the Tlerian Emperor, he was able to acquire and outfit his own skyship, of which he was both captain and navigator. (Indeed, Tleros attempted to lure him into their service, but by the time they did Ferrick was wealthy enough that further financing was no object, and he declined the offer.) He became the first to run the length of the planet’s longitude, travelling from Sudloc’s glaciers to the icebound seas and isles of the South, and even traversed a good portion of the Death Side, recording the several months that he lived with the Tribe of Enadul, for instance.

With his own multitudinous writings and the income from them – as well as the proceeds of the company he inherited upon his father’s passing – near the end of his life Tebbins Ferrick established the Great Library of Laishtek and endowed its treasury enough that even today its income far exceeds its expenses, despite marvelous expansion. While Laishtek has no great university, Ferrick’s library is the primary reason besides trade that voyagers from all over the world visit Laishtek, and it is the city’s greatest pride and claim to fame; and whereas Dreqorun’s university is known for training the greatest magicians of the planet, Laishtek’s library is the largest and most complete repository of secular and cultural information. Even today, it is still owned by Ferrick’s descendants, though it is operated by a board of scholars from every continent. It also consistently sponsors further studies of the cultures, peoples, and places of Jenoa.

Ferrick is supposed to have met his end in the year DT52.889. Realizing that though he had visited both the eastern and western ends of Thanor, he realized that no one had yet circumnavigated the world. He departed from Garth Calad in his skyship on the way to Darkcrest and never arrived; none were willing to mount a search of the dangerous territory that forms the heart of Thanor, so Ferrick’s fate is still unknown.