The Glittersail Brothers

Greyran, Greydale, and Greygook Glittersail are three gnome brothers who hired Nathan. They have a small skyship, and are investigating the ruins near the lands of Lord Hayward Yellman. They wanted to hire the party in Codex I-Chapter 4, but the party declined, not trusting the gnomes because of both Nathan's actions under their employ and the fact that the brothers were not forthcoming about their ultimate objectives. They spoke of heading to the death side of Jenoa after their work at the ruins was done, but didn't seem to have a specific timeframe for when that would be.

Greydale has a weasel that follows him around.

In Codex VI-Chapter 8, Greydale and Greyran were killed by Lady Drakh. Greygook, a level 5 rogue/level 1 wizard, is now a follower of the party.