The Journal of Dag Bluemaul

A journal the party found in Codex V-Chapter 3, on a dwarven corpse in the abandoned mines and catacombs underneath the Tawruian Monastery near Twilight. It appears to be an old, slightly water-damaged book (still readable, though), containing journal entries in dwarven. The front page reads “The Journal of Dag Bluemaul.”

The front entries describe the group and their adventures. Taedar and Adwen are the two other members of the party. Taedar is an elven ranger, and Adwen a half-elf bard. The author never speaks of himself in any detail, so you can’t glean any real information about him. Adwen and Taedar are lovers.

It describes various adventures they’ve had in their travels, most recently in and around Twilight. When they heard about the monastery and the abandoned mine underneath, they decided to come explore. The last few entries before the blank pages read as follows, from the year 52DT.917:

February 18
We found the monastery, though it took some doing. I don’t think Taedar is as good a tracker as he claims to be, or at least he’s having an off-week. The mines underneath were easy enough to find, and tomorrow we will begin exploring them. It’s been too long since I’ve been underground, and my companions are glad to have a dwarf with them for such moments as this.

February 20
Taedar and Adwen want to move on. They think that we have exhausted this dungeon and have no reason to stay. We have been here for a few days exploring and found some good treasure left by former inhabitants. Luckily I was able to heal Taedar after the goblins found us living in the ruins that first night. It was touch and go, but Taedar seems to be on the mend, but they both want to leave. There’s just something about this place, though. I’m sure we’ve missed something important, and I’ve been able to convince them to stay for a while longer.

February 22
I know what it is that compels me to stay. There’s a voice here. It calls to me. Taedar and Adwen cannot hear it. We’ve searched every nook and cranny in the mines near as I can tell. Some passages are blocked by cave-ins. I think we could clear them out safely, but the other two don’t want to spend the time, which, admittedly, would probably be a lot. I wish they could hear the voice! Then we would all be in agreement and could find it!

March 17
I have wandered these tunnels under the abandoned monastery until I have searched them all over and over. Though the voice still calls to me, I cannot find its source. And so I continue to search … My “friends” did not understand the call, and they wanted to move on. And so I am alone. And still the voice calls to me.

April 3
I know where the voice is, but clearing the rubble myself is difficult, especially when I must take so much time to find food for myself, now that Taedar has left. Also, it must be done carefully to be safe and avoid cave-ins. The voice is excited, and it coaxes me onward! I will find it! It must be freed!

The rest of the pages, about 1/3rd of the book, are blank.