Named for the long days but short periods of bright light experienced on the edge of the living lands, Twilight is a large city on the west side of the Chasm of Endless Night. The city was founded nearly 700 years ago by people who were disenchanted with the tales of Arkenos and wanted to live somewhere free of those "ridiculous traditions."

Although there are still some in Twilight who discredit the threat of the Dark Times, the demeanor of the city has changed over time. As it grew, it attracted various types of people: those who wanted to live near the dead lands, some who wanted to get away from the larger nations and societies, and criminals on the lam.

The city is loosely governed by an elected council. Elections are held very infrequently when a council member dies, is no longer fit for duty, or looses favor in the community or council. New council members are chosen at town hall meetings. Typically council members are selected due to their perceived wealth, strength, or influence. The council's major role in the city is to protect the city and settle internal disputes. Thus serving on the council is mostly just a status symbol.

Twilight is also surrounded by many small towns and villages which have their own laws and customs.

Twilight is mostly self-sufficient, though the types of crops that can be grown are limited somewhat by the short day cycles. Potatoes are a staple of the region; they grow plentifully but are smaller than those in the east. The nearby mountains and forests provide ores, granite, lumber, and game. Airships belonging to the Bjorik and Sons Trading Co. periodically sail between [city 22] and Twilight to trade in goods. Crops are often imported and rare ores are exported.

Although the city proper tends to be relatively safe, the area around Twilight can be harsh and dangerous. Thus those who live in the area are known to be a harsh people. Miners working in the mountains travel in groups through the safest forest trails to avoid danger.

The nearby mountains are also home to several large bands of goblins. The largest of these bands are currently ruled by a warlord called Kagu the Cunning. The council of Twilight has a loose agreement with Kagu who allows their miners to work (mostly) unhassled in exchange for various goods.