The voidgates are apparently an ancient magical system of transportation around Jenoa. Originally discovered by the Glittersail Brothers, who did much research, including finding a "key," a small black rod.

When a spell is cast into the rod (except for Detect Magic and Identify) runes along the side light up. A level 1 spell will cause one rune to light up. A level 2 spell two runes, etc. The rod can hold ten levels of spells. Either divine or arcane spells work.

When pointed at a voidgate, energy from the key can be used to activate it. If one level of spell is used, the gate opens for one minute. If two, the gate opens for two minutes. etc.

Once open, the voidgate leads to a pocket dimension. In that dimension, there is a stone pathway seemingly suspended in space with no supports. The pathway eventually leads up to a 100 foot diameter platform where fourteen other pathways also connect to that platform. The key works to open a voidgate from inside the pocket dimension identically to opening a voidgate out on the Material Plane.

A circular staircase on that platform leads to another platform, several hundred feet above. From that platform fifteen other pathways arc out. The party has speculated that this upper platform and its fifteen pathways might connect to Arkenos.

Map of the Voidgate Network

World Map with Voidgate Locations

DM Note: The voidgate location in H1/H22 has not been confirmed by the party.